Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm "That Kind" of Mother

You know the kind?

The kind that leaves a 10 year-old babysitting while they run to the junior high to pick up 5 teenagers.

The kind that upon arriving back home finds their 2 year-old running around the neighbor's driveway playing with a borrowed dump truck found in said neighbor's garage.

No big brother is in sight. Well the 4 year-old one is, but he's distracted with sidewalk chalk also from the neighbor's garage.

Not only is the 2 year old running around unattended. He's running around unattended like this:
The outside temperature reading in my suburban read 44 degrees.

And where was the 10 year-old you ask?
Obediently sitting at the kitchen table doing his homework, mere feet away from the open back door and open mud room door. While the house heater vents were blowing out warm air to compensate for the 44 degree temperatures creeping into the house.

I am slowly yet surely discovering myself to be "that kind" of mother. "The kind" that everyone else tries so hard to avoid becoming, yet somehow for me, I am becoming "that kind" of mother far too easily.

I heard the outside temperature is supposed to be even cooler today.
Good thing I don't have a junior high carpool to drive.


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