Monday, February 13, 2012

Sad and Delicious

Oh what sad news to hear that Whitney Houston died! I have lots of fond Whitney Houston music memories.

It all started with the "Whitney" cassette tape I received for Christmas 1987. I LLLOOVVEEDD it. Upon hearing of Whitney's death Saturday night, I couldn't help but feel badly I don't have more Whitney Houston songs on my i-tunes library. Uploading songs to i-tunes is now on my to-do list for Monday. I will be joining the ranks of the millions who will be causing Whitney music sales to sky rocket this week. I will be purchasing this album--except not the cassette tape version. I have that upstairs in a box in my closet.
In a personal ode to Whitney. I spent 15 minutes Sunday night on You Tube singing along to some old Whitney favorites. I sang into a pen in true Tiffany style (as loud as possible), while Drew (and then Joshua) stood next to me conducting with a pencil. Excuse the poor photography, but Megan couldn't resist the photo opportunity!
Our "Ode to Whitney" memorial was topped off with some d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. sugar cookies, courtesy of yours truly. Now if you remember THIS POST, I am a self proclaimed sugar cookie snob. I know which sugar cookies I like. (My recipe, made by my mother or myself, sugar cookies from Parson's Bakery or Cutler's.)

I'm rarely even tempted to sample other sugar cookies. It isn't worth the disappointment. I think it all stemmed from when I was first married and my visiting teacher brought me a plate of sugar cookies that looked like her young children had frosted them. (First clue.) But being a LOVER of sugar cookies, I looked past the appearance and took a bite. I never even finished chewing that one and only bite. It and the rest of the cookies went straight to the garbage can. I've been skeptical of sugar cookies ever since.

Anyway, why all this sugar cookie talk? Because I went to a cooking class the other week and the people from Cutler's were there and shared their sugar cookie recipe.

I made them tonight.
(This plate was for my neighbors, but they weren't home when Mike went over. I'm sorry to say there will probably not be a second attempt at delivery. I do wish they had been home though. Not because I don't want to eat them, but because I think our friend would have gotten quite a kick out of opening his front door to Mike standing there holding a plate of pink heart cookies.)

Yum. Yum. Yum.
It was a perfect way to end my personal Whitney Memorial Service.

"I will always love you."
(I'm referring to Whitney and sugar cookies.)


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