Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Slice of Humble Pie

About 6 years ago I nagged Mike to go to the doctor. I was convinced he probably had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a plethora of other imagined diagnoses. Besides, he was long overdue for a checkup.

Mike obliged my nagging, and dragged himself to the doctor's appointment I made for him. Mike returned home from the said doctor's appointment with "a slice of pie" for me.
Humble pie.

His cholesterol and everything else were at optimal levels and Mike, who though very physically active, has "exercised" only a handful of times in his adult life, was even asked by the doctor if he worked out!! Needless to say, Mike has never let me forget his infamous doctor's appointment in 2006. (Yes, he has been back since.)

For the last year or so I've taken on a new subject to nag about. I'll make a long story short and I'll preserve some of Mike's dignity, but suffice it to say that last year I began to nag Mike to see a dentist. I convinced myself that his mouth was full of cavities. Besides he was long overdue for a dental visit since his last one in 1990, a couple of months before his LDS mission!!!!!!!!

Yes. You read that right. It's been 21 years since Mike set foot in a dental office.

This last fall I started going to a new dentist, that Mike has had some business associations with. I could tell Mike really liked this dentist and so I used it to my advantage to begin warming Mike up to the idea of him visiting the dentist. A month ago I decided to quit the nagging, and instead I came home from my last dentist visit and declared,

"I have to go back to the dentist in a couple of weeks for them to fix a cracked filling. I've made an appointment for you to go too."


But of course the appeal of a "date" with his dear wife on a Monday morning was too good to turn down. Who cares if it was a date to the dentist, he was on board.

Almost three weeks ago, as Mike and I walked out of the dentist office together, Mike had a big grin on his face.
And me?
Well I was yet again left holding a generous helping of humble pie.

He had one cavity.

I think I'm going to quit nagging.


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