Thursday, March 22, 2012

Behavior at Its Worst

Proof our family is uncouth...

Luke taught Drew to pee standing up-only problem is, now Drew thinks the great outdoors is one giant toilet bowl. I'm mortified at the thought of a sibling grabbing my nearby cell phone to document this event, rather than encourage him to stop and come inside to the bathroom. Please note the underwear that were placed on his head for the duration of the relieving process.

(This photo was obviously cropped to preserve the child's dignity. Excuse the poor quality, but believe me, it is better than the alternative!)

As soon as an "Amen" was said in Sacrament Meeting (the main meeting of church) on Sunday, Joshua burped rather loudly. I could hear the grandparent couple behind us laughing quietly. I couldn't quite laugh at the time. In fact I still can't.

We have a rule you can burp at home, made solely for my own benefit. Obviously I need to reinforce that rule that we can burp AT HOME.

Two nights ago while reading together from the Book of Mormon, Luke got into some kind of fancy yoga pose in the middle of it. Turned out it wasn't a fancy yoga pose at all. He was simply assuming a position to give better aim and sound effects for his gas passing needs.

One of our children has to give a warning prior to removing their shoes each day. Some choose to clear the area, some others prefer to pick up the shoes and smell them.

One of our family members is known to drink directly from the orange juice container. But in their defense, they are the one who does the dishes the most, so good for them that they are choosing to dirty one less item.

And to think it is oft repeated at our dinner times, "What if you are invited to eat dinner with the Queen one day?" Although I'm happy to report none of the above examples happened at the dinner table, so perhaps there is still hope for us all.


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