Monday, March 12, 2012

My Windows are Dirty

While spending time with some dear girlfriends the other night, we had an epiphany of sorts. Though we all joked about it at the time, I have been left thinking about it for a couple more days.

One of my friends launched into a detailed story about her daughter's competition soccer team and the decision making process it took about whether or not to play in a tournament on a Sunday. It was all a fairly common scenario faced by many, especially in Utah within our LDS culture. We all surmised that in the same situation as my friend, we would have made the same decision and chosen to take a stand and not play.

Later on, our conversation steered to different topics. I can't even remember what (or who!) we were talking about, but suddenly we all had a 'light bulb' moment when we realized that "We won't allow our children to play soccer on a Sunday but we'll do 'this or that' instead..."

Get what I'm saying?

There are all sorts of rationalizations and justifications we give to ourselves!

After we all gave ourselves a proverbial pat on the back for deciding our children wouldn't play soccer on the Sabbath, we continued on with all sorts of stories and discussions in a typical women-getting-together-way.

You know the kind of stories.
We shared experiences and frustrations we'd had lately at school, or with church callings, or with family members, or with neighbors. Someone talked about the lady down the street, somebody talked about a naughty child at their kids' school, someone talked about the dysfunctional family across town.

Don't get me wrong. It was not an all-out gossip session. It was four friends, who have very few acquaintances-in-common, that were simply sharing frustrations, learning experiences and wanting advice on some everyday scenarios. Of course it was interspersed with plenty of hilarious and not-so-hilarious happenings within our own lives too.

But each time we kept coming back to the soccer thing... and one of us would say, "There's no way we'd allow our kids to play soccer on a Sunday but..." Though we were laughing at ourselves, I was reminded (more than once) that it isn't that our neighbors necessarily have dirty laundry--it's that our own windows are a little dirty...

Take a two minutes to watch this and see what I'm talking I'm about. I promise it will be well worth your time.

This week I am determined to clean my windows and keep them clean for longer than usual.
I assure you-FOR ME it will be easier said than done.


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