Friday, May 11, 2012

Ring, Ring, Ring

Last week I had a sudden moment of realization, that Joshua is five years old and wasn't capable of making a phone call. 

Now, really I should bask in the realization that I have one less child calling me when I am gone somewhere to ask questions such as, "Can I breathe?" or "Can I stay up late next month?"

Instead, I decided to be a good mother and teach my son how to use the telephone. I wrote down my cell phone number and Mike's and had him practice copying the number, and of course teaching him the nuances of the on/off/start/end buttons. 

Oh boy was Joshua excited! 

He called Mike a couple of times during the day and would excitedly exclaim, "I learned how to call."

He called me about 481 times during the day. Joshua thought he was being so tricky going into a different room than me to call my cell phone. When I'd answer he'd say, "Hi!"

It was cute for the first 2-3 times. By the 13th time it was far from cute. By the 162nd time I was getting slightly annoyed. By the 481st time I regretted ever being a responsible parent.


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