Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Half Birthday and Dirty Laundry

Here's the thing with my half birthday tradition...

It was first introduced and since been carried out as a way to put a little "extra" in an otherwise ordinary day. Half birthdays have never been an event in and of themselves, they just fit in with the flow of an ordinary day.

Introduce this year, specifically today, September 30th: Drew's half birthday. Not exactly an ordinary day. We have our Primary Program (the children's organization at our church that I am partly in charge of), followed by grandparents for dinner, followed by a harp recital later in the evening (at our house).

Now, one could argue that the 1/2 birthday cake could be dessert following dinner with the grandparents, but you forget that it is HALF a birthday cake. Which is barely enough for my 649 member family. (see last post!). Although I have now started to "layer it with the 'other half'" to go further. So the issue isn't really about not having sufficient chocolate cake to go around, but timing, as we're also squeezing in Mike and Megan going off to choir practice and grandparents going to visit friends in between dinner and recital. Oh, and we ought to do some sort of basic picking up of toys and clothing strewn across the family room before people come listen to harp music.

Oh! And we should probably have a little refreshments for the recital guests to enjoy. (Half a cake is out of the question.) Oh, and Megan decided a few  hours before the recital that we should make and print programs for it.

You see what I mean? I knew all week it wasn't going to exactly be the type of day that is easy to throw in a little extra like a half birthday celebration. My friend suggested I make cupcakes. Another suggested doing it a different day.

It's a HALF birthday people! A simple tradition that isn't something to reschedule and/or plan around, let alone stress about. So that's why I woke up early to frost the cake and decided we would have chocolate cake for breakfast before 9am church. Chocolate cake for breakfast would not only be delicious, but a good way to get the (supposed to be fun) celebration "out of the way."

Except while I was applying my mascara upstairs, Mike decided to come downstairs and start feeding the children scrambled eggs and toast. Obviously we hadn't communicated well regarding the chocolate cake that was unmistakably sitting in the middle of the kitchen counter, waiting to be sung around. When I suggested the children forgo the eggs in favor of chocolate cake my husband spoke up in favor of the eggs.

Now. I don't ever criticize my husband publicly, but today I will.

My husband who yesterday ate 4 glazed donuts and a bowl of ice cream (among other things) WOULD NOT let us eat chocolate cake for breakfast.

I say "WOULD NOT LET US" somewhat lightly, I could have over-ridden his opinion, but I decided instead to cut my nose off to spite my face and stormed off upstairs to finish getting dressed.

There. How's that for a half birthday synopsis AND some airing of dirty laundry?

We fit in Drew's celebration while Mike and Megan were at choir and Grandma and Grandpa were visiting friends. I may or may not have left a piece of chocolate cake for Mike.

Happy Half Birthday Drew!!


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