Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remembering... ME

Years ago, while living in American Fork, I served as a Young Women leader in our church. I remember distinctly a meeting in which our dear Bishop (leader of our local church congregation) said to me, "Tiffany, you can't imagine the impact you are having on these young girls. They will likely remember you for the rest of their lives."

Yeah well-I'm pretty sure he was NOT referring to a little post I got on my Facebook wall yesterday from one of my old favorite Young Women girls, Tory. She posted a clip of the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (by Bonnie Tyler) and asked if I remembered jamming out to the song with them.

I think I had somewhat erased (or suppressed) those Total Eclipse of the Heart memories of yesteryear. It all started during my college days, when somehow my BFF and I would regularly sing along to the song. Anyone that knew us probably had one time or another heard that song sung with gusto, loudness and off-keyness. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm somewhat embarrassed at the places and times we "performed" for random audiences.

I'm very glad this was in the days before cell-phones so chances are very high there are no permanent records of our self-endorsed concerts. (Although I'm sure somewhere I could dig out an old home VHS video of it.)

Oh good heavens.
I hate to even think of the memories people may have of us in our not-so-prime-conditions singing our youthful hearts out. Obviously I must have continued some of those performances on into not only adulthood, but into my church callings too.

BUT, I can't tell you how happy it made me to have this dear young woman (who is now a full grown adult) remind me of this memory on Facebook yesterday. Guess it goes to show that it doesn't matter how we're remembered, it matters that we are.

I'm now beginning to think there are too many people in my life right now that have no association whatsoever between me and that fabulous song, "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I must work on changing that.
Starting with my children tonight. I'm going to crank up the ipod, pull out a wooden spoon (for a microphone) a chair (for my stage) and sing my heart out.

It's been far too long.


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