Friday, October 12, 2012

14 Years of Mothering

Fourteen years ago, Megan made me a mother. I feel like every birthday for her is a bit of a milestone for me too. She and I have been forging into new territory together now for 14 years.

I shan't make this into a anniversary about me being a mother, because it is her birthday after all. But I still can't help but feel a little sappy and even a little melancholy that while I blinked, Megan went from this...
(Megan's 1st Birthday-1999)
to this:
(Megan's 14th Birthday-2012)

I love watching the person Megan is becoming. Megan's soul is deep and it seems like she is still the same person she was when she was three, or five, or seven, just more refined and more polished. Although there are times I want to smack her upside the head, more often than not, I find myself thinking how blessed that she is my daughter and that forever and ever, my life and hers are entwined together. She's a pretty swell daughter to have had around for 14 years.
Even though she could totally have made herself a better cake than I could, she was kind and didn't say a word about my inept cake skills like she did on her 2nd birthday when she asked, "What is dat?". (It was a Barney cake.)
Which reminds me.
For Megan's 2nd birthday she received Barney Halloween on VHS. She watched it so much it broke. I myself was somewhat of a Barney fan too, and every fall we find ourselves still singing some of our favorite Barney songs from that VHS we haven't had for almost a decade.

I got awesome video captured this morning of the excitement on my 14 year old's face when she opened this present up this morning:
What a girl.
Happy Birthday Megan!


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