Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heading South for Fall Break

It's funny that even though we had a fabulous time in St. George with my brother James, Kristin, Annie and Kate last weekend, we have very few photos capturing our time together.

Actually, I take that back. I have about 176 photos (no exaggeration) of the trip, but most of them were taken by either Megan, Luke or Ellie in a quest to take the perfect photo for the upcoming PTA Reflections Contest. Remember when Megan and Ellie entered a couple of years ago? Well I think they consider Cousin Annie to be the key to success, and all sorts of efforts were made to procure the perfect shot.

Luke's photographic efforts tended to focus on nature:
Megan's on Annie and the water:
And Ellie was dead set on capturing the perfect photo of Cousin Kate. Not exactly easy when the focus is a wiggly, squirmy 8 month old. I love Kate, but I sure have a lot of blurry, unusable photos of Kate now on my computer.
We shall see how encouraging I am about the Reflections contest next year.

Too many photos aside, we had a marvelous time together with some of my favorite people on earth.

I actually think Drew may have been fully dressed more often than Annie.
The x-box or ninetendo or whatever it is, is always a hit.

 And it really is too bad that the one time I remembered to take a group shot, was when they all had "We just woke up eyes."
Although the "Just woke up eyes" may be slightly better than this:
The temperature was glorious...

The company was fabulous...
And the whole weekend, pretty darn fun...

We were repeatedly told we are some of their favorite house guests. I'm not sure if they were just being polite or if they really did love the fact that Joshua vacumed their floor, Megan swept, and Mike kept the freezer stocked with ice cream. We're choosing to forget the part where Drew threatened to throw a toy at James, but other than that, perhaps we are pretty swell company to have around.


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