Thursday, October 4, 2012

Laughable Politics

Although I clearly have plenty of opinions, (surprise!) I never choose to voice my political opinions or comments publicly. But I do have two things to say regarding the Presidential Debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney...

I'm not sure if it was the apple crumble and custard that I made, or the idea of a later than usual bedtime that enticed all my children to sit in my bedroom and watch it with me (and later Mike). Although I lost count how many times I had to say "shhh" or "be quiet" or "I'm trying to listen, close your mouth", I did hear some things during the debate that are worth remembering...

Backing up. A couple of days ago I heard Luke telling somebody in our family that President Obama smoked. I guess in class at school, the students were listing facts about the president, and this one came up.

Back to the debate. As Ellie and I sat on my bed playing a game of SkipBo, Ellie looked at me with a horrified look on her face and asked, "Isn't it illegal to smoke if you're the president?"

A few minutes later, Joshua glanced up to the television and saw President Obama on the screen. Excited to recognize a face, he stated, "There's Obama!" Then taking his voice down a notch and with his tone a little more serious, he asked, "Where's George Washington?"

And that is my political commentary following the presidential debate.

Completely unrelated, how did I not ever notice this photo before tonight?


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