Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Popularity is Over-Rated, So is Water Repellent

This last Sunday while Mike and I were cleaning the kitchen together, he said to me, "I need you to help me do something later." He said this while putting a bottle of water repellent in the plate cupboard. (Somehow the plate cupboard has become a catch-all for pretty much everything. Water repellent included.)

A few minutes later, Mike laid down on the couch. Ellie asked if I wanted to play a game of Skip-Bo, and I obliged, so I got down on the floor to begin playing. Megan was over in the kitchen with stacks of Kraft Food magazines exploring recipes, and stopping to explain to me every single recipe she was interested in, (She was interested in every single one.) Luke was recently introduced to the extra i-pod we've had floating around here for a couple years or so, and wanted a song from i-tunes downloaded. Joshua and Drew were playing quietly nearby. (Well noisely pushing trucks and Hot Wheels around the floor, but quietly as in keeping themselves occupied.)

Remember, Mike is laying on the couch.

Megan continued to give every detail of every recipe, occasionally mixing it up by asking if we had certain ingredients on hand. Luke needed the song on i-tunes right then. The kid has pretty much had no interest in any technology his entire life, let alone interest in music. But by golly, he needed that song from i-tunes immediately.

I love playing games and my relaxing game of Skip-Bo was quickly being sabotaged by i-tunes and potential recipes.

Oh, but wait. That wasn't all. Drew and Joshua realized that they needed  "The black truck that has the thing on it" right away. Slight problem was, that truck was in a container on the top shelf of the locked toy closet. (Obviously our reasons behind keeping our toy closet locked is a subject for another day.)

I was a little too busy at the moment to go retrieve the truck.
Mike wasn't volunteering to play Skip-Bo, or take my place. Which granted, we were playing it on the floor, and Mike doesn't (can't) sit on the floor.

Mike wasn't volunteering to help Luke. He claims he doesn't know how, but really he doesn't want to learn how.

Mike wasn't answering any of Megan's questions. Although a frequent organizer of our pantries and fridge, he is probably quite clueless as to whether we have any Cream of Tartar or Ricotta Cheese stored anywhere.

So to me, it only seemed natural for Mike to go and retrieve the "Black truck that has the thing on it." Except Mike's eyes were beginning to feel the heaviness of a lazy Sunday afternoon and his response was, "There are a lot of toys out. We don't need to get out any more."

But then there was a problem with i-tunes and after about the 45th (no exaggeration) try I was close to absolutely losing it with everybody telling Luke we'd have to wait for another day. Ellie was patiently behind me waiting for me to take my turn, Megan was asking "Just one more question," and the boys were now whining louder about the need for the "Black truck that has the thing on it."

Mike was still laying behind me on the couch. I thought he was asleep until I heard him question, "How does it feel to be so popular?"

I wanted to hit him.
I didn't.
Instead, I told asked him to go and get the truck for the boys.

Two days later, the bottle of water repellent is still sitting in my plate cupboard.
Mike either:
a. forgot whatever task he was going to do with it on Sunday or
b. didn't dare ask for my help

I am hoping that one day when Mike and I are alone on a quiet Sunday evening with all the time and energy in the world to do whatever needs to be done with his water repellent, we appreciate it.

Because I certainly don't appreciate being so popular now.


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