Monday, November 5, 2012


The other day Luke walked up to Mike and me and began to tell us something. I can't remember exactly what it was he was telling, but it was a typical "Luke" thing. In that moment, I looked directly into Luke's eyes and couldn't help but see the realization of a Priesthood blessing I received just over 11 years ago.

Perhaps I have referenced the blessing before, but not in detail. It is too spiritual and special to share so publicly, but suffice it to say, if for no other reason than that experience, I know without a doubt God's hand guides and directs each of our lives.

The name Luke means "bringer of light" and I am continually amazed at the way Luke lives up to that name, and the promises the Lord gave me 11+ years ago have come true in every way.

Luke came bouncing into this world 11 years ago. He was in a hurry to get here (19 minutes at the hospital, and 2 hours and 3 minutes TOTAL labor from first contraction to babe in arms), and he hasn't really slowed down since.

Luke wanted to have a "family" birthday. Luke chose to go to a trampoline park with just our family on Friday afternoon, followed by his dinner request of "hamburgers at home and twirly fries you cook in the oven." His cake of choice was an Oreo cake (the easiest cake I've ever made for him) with Nana, Grandpa, Paul and Vickie joining us for that late Friday evening.

It was a very simple birthday, but one of my favorites.


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