Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ellie's Entitled Half

I never consider cancelling Half Birthdays, although of course Mike almost cancelled Joshua's last month...

Although yesterday evening, during Ellie's half celebration, she was acting a little too I-am-special-it's-my-half-birthday-and-I-should-get-what-I-want. Ellie has plenty of flaws (like the rest of us) but declarations of entitlement are not typically one of them.

During dinner:
Ellie: *Insert whiny voice*  "Everyone needs to say one reason why they love me."

Luke: "We do that on our real birthdays not on your half."

Ellie: *insert whiny voice* "Well it's my half-birthday and everyone still should."

Daddy: "I love you bec..."

Megan: "The reason I lov"

I tried to be the referee between Dad and Megan's sarcasm of "half-ness" and Ellie's desires.

Then, Mike cut the cake. Which incidentally he never cuts anything "normally", and we always have diamond shaped brownies, or random shaped anythings that he is in charge of cutting. I predicted to him a certain result would happen as a result of his creativeness, of course he was convinced otherwise. But lo and behold--in the middle of all sorts of half-birthday celebrations, we held a moment of silence when Mike looked and me and declared, "I was wrong."

Oh boy! If honoring that moment doesn't take precedence over a half-birthday, I don't know what does.

Although, the moment of silence was interrupted with Ellie,

"It's my half-birthday I get the first piece of cake."

Oh to be 8 and a HALF and bossy.

(PS-Wondering why there is no photo? Yes. That would be Mike's fault.)


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