Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving Thanks Days Later

I love Thanksgiving. I absolutely love it. This year was quite possibly one of the best so far. I keep trying to evaluate what made it so great, and I'm not sure why. It was just a great day. (If you don't count the ride in the car Thursday night.)

It started with me running a 5K with a couple of friends at the local rec center. I'd put up a picture, but I have a bad attitude about the whole photo thing that morning, so I'll pass. I will add it was a great race, and running a 5K on Thanksgiving morning is a pretty swell way to justify 2nd portions of mashed potatoes and rolls. (I can totally pass on Thankgiving pies.)

My BFF is too cheap to do some organized races, which totally makes sense when she wants to involve the whole family and that would add up quickly. So she organized (with her brother) the first annual Julian Thanksgiving 5K. Of course we all joined in and I must say, I hope it becomes a tradition--what FUN! Okay, actually I didn't join in officially for a couple of reasons. 1. I had just run a 5K and wasn't about to do another one. 2. I was going to ride my bike, but Megan opted to ride the bike and pull the 2 little boys. 3. I was very behind on my Thanksgiving meal responsibilities (homemade rolls), so I stayed and got that down.

The great thing about her 5K was it was right by our house and ended perfectly in our backyard! Luke smoked (and surprised) everyone with his fast running and came in first out of the runners. A couple of bikers were ahead of him.
(Not sure about the sunglasses situation...)

I wish I had some photos of the 25+ people gathered in our backyard at the end of the race. It was just pleasant. I can't think of another way to describe it. It seemed like an ideal gathering of friends/family and a perfect scenario of thanksgiving for friendships, healthy bodies, and feelings of accomplishment.

After everyone left we all made a mad dash for showers, last minute food prep (mashing potatoes, loading up pies and games) and headed to our dear friends, the Wielands for our Thanksgiving feast. I wish I had taken a photo of us with them. Too bad. But I did get one of our family taken, after a fair amount of yelling and arguing before everyone finally co-operated.
It isn't the greatest, but we've had one taken of us every year now for several years, and by golly I wasn't going to let this year be an exception.

Of course the highlight of Luke's day was getting to ride this go-kart. What a thrill that not only were our friends gifted one recently, but they live next door to a church parking lot!

Drew spent his rides yelling, "Go faster." and Joshua spent his rides advising Luke to "Go slower."
(Drew also spent his time trying to catch "air" in his mouth. Thus the open mouth in the top right photo.)

All in all it was a wonderful Thanksgiving Season, kicked off the night before with dinner out with my parents and brother's family. It was followed by a Friday visit with Mike's family and a Saturday spent working, visiting with friends and squeezing in a few games here and there.

Our "We are Thankful" papers weren't quite as full as last year's. I like to think it's because we were too busy verbalizing our thanks rather than taking the time to write them down. I could be wrong. But that's the theory I'm going to go with.
And yes, it would be very fair of you to be wondering why Mike doesn't ever add anything to the list. I'm not sure why either.

What a wonderful time of year.


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