Thursday, November 8, 2012

Short Lived Super-Hero

The other morning while I worked on the computer,  Joshua sat at the kitchen table coloring. (Which must be a post in itself one of these days.) I'm not quite sure what Drew was doing, but I suddenly heard the back sliding door open, and him walk outside as he said, "I'm going outside to see if I can fly."

His voice sounded quite serious, and I couldn't help but get up and follow him.

I really had no clue that Drew had any idea who or what Superman is, but I guess he does. Because with the paper cape attached to his back and the homemade "S" logo on his chest courtesy of Joshua, Drew believed he was ready to fly.

Drew ran around the patio a few times with his arms flapping.
Until I said the dreaded words,

"Drew, those are just pretend drawings. They aren't going to help you fly."

He turned and looked at me, came back in the house, took off the cape and logo and continued playing with his preferred toys of choice; Hot Wheels. They didn't seem to disappoint.

"So quickly they grow with bounds and leaps but the sweetest memories are mine for keeps."


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