Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Randoms of Our Life

Yesterday when looking for a specific photo on my phone, I came across all sorts of "spur of the moment" cell phone photos I had taken and forgotten. They represent such random moments in our life, and I couldn't bear for them to be forgotten...

Drew begged for me to tape the Mr Potato Head mustache to his mouth. As soon as I did, he declared, "Oh yes. Now I do have a mustache."
Megan wasn't exactly thrilled with the note I wrote to her teacher recently. Megan had a class assignment to organize a space at home (cupboard, drawer, desk, etc.) and for extra credit they could keep their room clean for a week. Megan organized her desk and asked me if I would write the note saying it was done. I didn't have to add the part about her not earning the extra credit, but I couldn't resist.
I can not even describe the grin on Drew's face when I picked him up from pre-school last week and found him standing on his teacher's driveway dressed like an Indian. Drew wore this hat and vest for days with Joshua making one for himself nearly every day too. (Joshua's didn't seem to last more than a day.) I spent the better part of a week sweeping up cut pieces of brown paper bags from my kitchen floor.
Last Saturday Mike and Luke had to go work and Megan was taking (a record) 8 hours to do her portion of the family's Cleaning HOUR. The weather was somewhat pleasant for a mid-November day, and so I decided to take the three youngest to a park. The children were thrilled to play at the park, and I was thrilled to sit in the car and read a book. (I had previously told them it was a"You play at the park by yourselves day." Not a "Mom will play with you at the park kind of day.")
 I ended up watching them play far more than I read my book. They played so well together for quite a long time. After they finished playing on the nearby slides/park toys, they played and ran around in the fall leaves. It was one of those moments that is so very, very brief yet gives a tiny glimpse into what true joy and life and loving is all about.

As they played, a small toddler tottled over to them and Ellie let him join in a game of "Ring-around-the-rosies". The mother sat nearby watching and I imagined for just a moment that young mother (I am assuming the toddler is her only child thus far) imaging how fun it will be to have more children one day down the road. The reason I imagined her thinking this, is because I spent many a day thinking that very thing. Now I do the opposite. I looked at that young mother with a slight twinge of envy about how much less chaotic her life must be.

All envy aside, I really did sit and bask in the simpleness of the moment my children were creating for themselves. It was a pleasant afternoon.
Recently the children  had a day off of school, but Drew still had pre-school. Ellie and Joshua both went to the same pre-school, and they were beyond excited to take Drew into school one day. It was another of those very brief-children-are-getting-along-beautifully type moments.
Mike and Luke finally finished stage 1 of the new chicken coop on Saturday. Luke has been worried about winter settling in before it got built, and was thrilled that Mike devoted his Thanksgiving weekend to the building of a more humane, and sheltered home for the chickens. I know it looks as though it is finished to completion, but I say stage 1, because Luke has big plans for ramps, shelves and what-have-yous for the chickens to enjoy. I'm not sure if Mike has those same plans.
And that about wraps up our simple and random life.


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