Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Ride for Jesus, United States Statues, and Goat Coats

A Ride for Jesus
Apparently Drew thinks modern-day Hot Wheels and cars should be part of the Nativity. Every time I turn around, a car is en route giving a ride to Baby Jesus, either to or fro the manger.

A Gangsta and United States Christmas
Putting out my Christmas village has been on and off over the past few years. It isn't a part of my Christmas decor that I especially love, which is funny considering it represents the time period I dream about every Christmas season. Either way, I decided this year to put it out. It hadn't been out even minutes, before cars were being driven through the village. I'm not quite sure what bothered me more, the fact Drew couldn't appreciate the quaintness of the scene without modern day vehicles, or the fact he chose a gangster looking lo-rider truck to crash the tranquility.
And as for that stallion statue. I have NEVER put it out before. It has always stayed in the box as I've never thought it "fit" in. That changed this year when Drew was helping me set up the village. For some reason he thinks it is the "Statue of the United States." I think he is getting it confused with the Statue of Liberty, which incidentally I had no idea he even knew existed. Drew feels the need to constantly tell Joshua it is the "Statue of the United States" to which Joshua must think Drew is getting it confused with "a globe" and every time snidely asks him, "Then show me where Utah is on it." Then Drew screams that Utah isn't on it, to which Joshua replies, "Then it isn't a statue of the United States" and Drew screamily replies, "Yes it is." And so on and so forth.

Between the gangster truck and the "Statue of the United States" dialogue, my village isn't exactly what I had in mind when choosing to set it out this year.

Goat Coat

Luke saw this dog cover at the local tack and feed store that he thinks will help Lily (the goat) stay warm this winter. Luke is concerned Lily isn't as big as Hank was as a baby last year, and doesn't want her "to get wet and cold because her hair isn't growing very fast." Luke is quite frugal and thoughtful with his money, and decided to enlist the donations of his siblings towards a coat for his goat. Although typically, not one to like girlish things, Luke felt setting his sights on the zebra-print coat would entice Megan to "want to pay at least half for it." Luke requested I take a photo of it, so he could take it home to aid in his donation solicitations. Megan's nice and all, but is pretty conservative with her own money and paying half for a coat for a goat didn't quite fit into her Christmas budget as Luke had hoped.

Somehow those darn animals endear themselves to me (or maybe it's Luke's love for them that is so endearing), and I hate the thought that any day now there will likely be a wrapped present under my Christmas tree addressed to Lily (a goat!!!) from ME!! Then I'll feel bad there's nothing for Hank, and before I know it, presents for the animals will have come from MY Christmas budget. As if presents for five kids aren't enough.

As always, Christmas or not, life goes on around here.
Happy December.


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