Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Too Busy Last Saturday

The older I get, the more I prefer to stay home. I love weekends spent at home with nothing to do but things of our choosing.

Now, I get that we "chose" everything we did last weekend. But too much of it still felt obligatory. Like a harp recital, a piano recital, a horse show, and a gymnastics open house. Which is why we didn't go to the gymnastics open house. I felt mildly guilty when the reminder popped up on my phone and I deleted it without Ellie seeing or remembering it herself.

Given the fact that Ellie uses any free carpet space, the front driveway, or any "open" place we happen to be at as an "open mat" , I don't feel quite so bad that she didn't show off her skills to us at the gymnastics 'open mat.'

On the other hand, she did show off her piano skills at her piano recital Saturday morning.

And before you ask. Yes, Megan does teach piano. But no, she does not teach Ellie. Enough said. 

Fortunately, I made it in the nick of time to see Luke take 1st place in one of his horse competitions. We missed the competitions he took another first place in, and the one he took second place in. Although I was sad to miss the horse show in its entirety, Luke knew when he registered for the last minute show that it was already a jam-packed day. Our commitments to Megan and Ellie for their recitals had been made several weeks in advance, so a three-day notice horse show wasn't exactly a top priority for any of us. Well I take that back. It was a huge priority for Luke.
How sad is it that the only photo I got was of Luke from behind? I'm no photographer and moving horses and my camera skills don't go well together.

Megan participated in a performance with 40 other harpists, a choir and some bell performers. I'm glad the recital is over. It was a lot of hours of rehearsal 25 miles from home. It is times like this recital I wonder why we didn't encourage her to play a small, easy to transport instrument like the viola.
In between all of the somewhat obligatory events, was the priority of visiting Santa Claus at a local country store. As I looked at four of my children posing by Santa for a photo, I was overcome with emotion at the fleetingness of time. I think it was because Megan wasn't with us (she was gone ALL day for the recital), and I got a glimpse of what begins to happen as our children get older.
We finished the day off with homemade sugar cookies. And the fact I let my children assist??? Major, major breakthrough around here.
Actually, we finished the day off with everyone getting yelled at to get in bed and leave us alone. But really, what's new about that?

Happy week before Christmas--my favorite part of the season.


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