Monday, December 17, 2012

Eyes, Trains and Sleepy-Heads

~ Ellie recently spent five days of school home with me due to a nasty eye infection.After the weekend saw no signs of improvement, the doctor had us in for a visit last Monday morning. Puzzled by the fact eye infections are highly contagious, and no one else in our family contracted it, the doctor decided to do an eye screening to rule out the possibility of any more serious causes. (Glaucoma, etc.) Ellie passed the test with flying colors and the doctor said, "If she couldn't have seen the line of letters with her infected eye we'd look into the possibility of more serious issues."

I thought nothing of it, until later that night when I heard Ellie say to Megan, "I couldn't even see the letters from my blurry eye, but luckily I had them memorized from saying them with my good eye." Guess Ellie's little quirk/fascination/OCD with number and letters paid off for her with that eye test!

The doctor declared it possible she be home for another week or two, to which my prayers became more fervent for a speedy recovery. I mean, I love Ellie and actually quite enjoyed having her as my sidekick for a week or so, but I did love when we returned to a more normal routine around here. I played more card games and board games in her seven day infection than I have in the past seven months combined.
(This photo was taken two days before she returned to school. It looks far better in this photo than it did in the worst stage.)

~ It seems that even with Drew in preschool 6 hours a week, I still don't have as much time as I'd like with no children around to get Christmas errands done. I really needed to go to City Creek (a shopping mall in Salt Lake City) and couldn't seem to fit it in sans children. So last week I bundled up Drew, stroller and all, and went in to Salt Lake. I had only 2 stores I wanted to run into, and a ride on the public TRAX train was not part of my original plan. Drew was a very patient boy (helped largely in part to the over-sized and quite over-priced bag of Skittles I compulsively purchased for him) while I shopped for longer than even I anticipated. When we got outside and Drew said, "Look at that train. Can we ride it?" I couldn't say no. It ended up being one of the most pleasant afternoons I have had in a long time. I'll admit, all too often it takes the three year old to slow me down and remind me of the simple pleasures of life.
~ Speaking of Drew. He isn't always so pleasant, patient, obedient and nice to have around. At bedtime lately, Drew is required to lay in our bed to separate him from the same room as Joshua. It makes for a much more calm and speedy road to slumber when those two side-kicks are separated. Most nights Mike makes some kind of comment about how cute Drew looks asleep in our bed. I often find myself having a hard time agreeing because I've spent far more hours with Drew's energy that day and the angelic sleeping face doesn't always fool me. But I seem to be the one that ends up carrying Drew into his bed (Mike always conveniently places Drew on MY side of the bed), and there's something about that sleepy head on my shoulder as I carry him down the hall that renews my energy to start anew the next day with him.
~ This would be Joshua asleep on a church bench during a Saturday night 2 hour-adult church meeting. Typically children do not attend, but atypically, we had blurted out earlier in the evening, that the consequence for continued poor behavior would be accompanying mom and dad to the meeting. Poor Joshua ended up reaping the consequence. I think his nap helped pass the time as I overheard him say to Ellie later that night, "It was fun. I drew a picture, played a game and then took a nap."
And these are the days that apparently, one day I will miss.
Sarcasm or not,
I know I will.


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