Monday, December 3, 2012

Mr Christmas the Second

Remember Mr Christmas from a couple of years ago (HERE and HERE ). Luke's kind of growing out of his 'Mr Christmas' title, but never fear, we have a Mr Christmas the Second to enjoy just as much.

I realized we had a second Mr Christmas on our hands last week while allowing the children to decorate their own Christmas tree upstairs in the hallway. Joshua caught one look at the empty boxes left-over from the Christmas lights and wanted to wrap them up to place under the Christmas tree.

You'd have thought that I'd told him he could open an actual Christmas present, with the ear-to-ear grin he gave me when I told him that yes, he could indeed wrap up the empty boxes with last year's leftover wrapping paper.

His eyes lit up as his little project went from this:
with a little of this focus, concentration and effort:
(Please note the tongue stuck out in concentration in the top left photo.)

to this:
The fact Drew unwrapped Joshua's carefully wrapped presents 2 hours later is another story entirely...

Nonetheless, Mr Christmas is alive and well at our house. So much so, as I stepped out of the shower last Thursday morning, I was greeted with this image:
And a little voice proudly exclaiming:
"I'm Santa Craus."

Mr Christmas the Second makes me smile every bit as much as the original Mr Christmas did too. So despite us having an absolute Bah Humbug living in the house, our holidays are off to a pretty good start.

Happy December!


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