Thursday, March 14, 2013

Worth My Attention

First of all, thank you for all the nice comments about my China dress purchase. They confirmed to me even more what a good purchase it was. Now just for some places to actually wear it...

Back to real life and my love for the Little Things.

But first a reality check. Don't let me fool you into thinking my life is nothing but noticing and basking in these Little Things. It isn't. There were a few times this week I considered running away and not looking back. Okay, maybe only one time in particular that I really thought that, but I did have a hard time appreciating the Little Things more than I care to admit.

Fortunately, in between some of my frustrations I was able to let a few moments of joy (albeit fleeting in some instances) sneak into my life.

Seeing Joshua laying in bed with a headlamp reading a 4th grade book and phonetically sounding out each word, "w-w--a-a-n-t-want" "t-t-t-o-to". Not sure why he was reading that particular book, and not more of a beginner's book.
Not thinking twice about giving Drew 2 quarters to ride this helicopter outside a local drug-store. Smiles like he gave are well worth 50 cents.
I love watching Ellie's genuine excitement as she just about masters a back hand-spring by herself. I also LOVE Megan's genuine excitement and enthusiasm for her little sister mastering such a feat.
(I am soooo not a photographer.)
I loved Drew requesting to watch "The people that play the piano when Baby Jesus was born". (The Piano Guys, O Come Emmanuel on YouTube). He sat like this the whole time, intently watching it. He never lost interest and requested it more than once. Our first and last-borns got the true musical appreciations in this family.
Reminding myself that muddy cowboy boots and sweaty hats won't be left by the back door forever.
Texts and phone-calls from Megan while she was on a very spontaneous trip to St. George and this cute spring-time napkin holder she brought back for me. (Napkins are a MUST at our dinner table.)
The sincere and loving handmade card and sentiments I received from Luke, that had both Mike and me in tears after reading it. There was not a single punctuation mark in the big, long, run-on sentence turned paragraph, which made it all the more endearing.
These are the moments that really do make it all worthwhile.


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