Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Phone Purge

The other day I showed up at a lunch with dear friends and exclaimed, "Oh! I forgot my camera." Duh... who doesn't ever have a 'camera' these days with our phones?!?

Here is the latest phone clear-out.

Of course, as mentioned above, lunch with friends. It's been forever since we've been together, but I'm so glad we did. The only thing I'd change about our time together was to laugh more like old times. But our times in between visits are so vast, that we spend the next get together catching up on all the 'serious' things of life, and don't find the time for  the funny, hilarious things. Oh well. Dear, dear friends. Love them all.
(Scarlet, Kim, Brandi (9 months pregnant) and me)

I've been trying to convince Mike we need to upgrade to a king size mattress. He isn't convinced yet. Probably has something to do with this (not very frequent, but still...) scene that I'm so desperately desiring a bigger bed.
(I didn't stage that monkey, but love its position. Maybe it landed like that when I got out of bed. I mean, when I was kicked out of bed and threw back the sheets with a little added "umph" as I wasn't exactly happy to be kicked out of bed before 7am on a Sunday morning.)

We've gone 2 weeks without a dishwasher. I'm not happy about it. I felt we should get a new one, Mike wanted to pay for a repair. Not sure he realizes that 2 weeks worth of paper products only adds to the repair costs. Additionally, I am VERY strict about paper product usage. For example, one morning when I came downstairs and found a (non-paper) cereal bowl and spoon in the sink... well put it this way, the phone call I made to Mike immediately after the discovery didn't exactly start with me saying to Mike "Good morning, dear husband..." A dishwasher is a modern convenience I CAN NOT live without.
The bikes?! The bikes! Somehow we have collected a large number of bikes over the years. Hand-me-downs, our own, dump-finds (that would be Luke and our neighbor Paul!), etc. It is beyond ridiculous how many we have. One summer evening, I demanded they all be brought to the driveway and we figure out what works, what doesn't and what to do with them all. I think we lost count at about 21... Need an old bike? I sold one from this collection for $15. An executive decision made entirely alone.
(The motorcycle is NOT one of our bikes, it's our friend's. He polished it on our driveway, I mean, who wouldn't want to join us on our driveway during a bike fix-it party?)
(Mike testing his repairs. Can you see the tires on that bike? Different sizes? Luke did that when he was about 7. Front tire had a flat, so instead of fixing it, he put on a new wheel! It is now Joshua's bike of choice.)
A trip to the dollar store with the neighbor's mom, provided lots of entertainment for these girls.
(Oh and please note the open door in the background. Open doors, hot outside temperatures, and running air conditioning units inside? Such a source of frustration and oft-repeated yell,  "Close the door!!")

Kindergarten graduation? Oh, I so don't agree (or like) silly pre-school, kindergarten, 6th grade, etc. graduations. I find them to be over-celebratory. I slid into my seat at Joshua's about 2 minutes before starting time. The teacher hit play on the music player and the kindergarteners began parading in. And me, the non-lover (or believer) of these silly events started crying. Like real crying. The "oh-my-heck-wasn't-Joshua-just-a-baby-and-I'll-blink-and-he'll-be-graduating-from-high-school" type cry. It was quite pathetic actually, and I felt mildly embarrassed as all the camera clicking (and recording) parents surrounded me, and I just watched it all. Choosing to capture it in my heart instead.
Popsicles, warm evenings, new pajamas and a backyard with family. Can it get any better? I love lazy summer evenings.
An classic car show and parade. My children loved it. Luke took far more photos than necessary, but every new car that came seemed better than the last.

(The old pick-up trucks are my favorite.)
We I decided to eat out at a restaurant one evening (an escape from having to wash dishes). As we pulled into the parking lot, Joshua announced he had no shoes on. Whhaatt? Fortunately there were a pair of cowboy boots in the car.  Unfortunately they were Drew's old ones and several sizes too small for Joshua. I made him walk on the backs of them, and let him remove them once we were seated with feet hidden under the table.
Megan has been sewing up a storm. She convinced Mike to let her use some of her savings for a new serger. You'd have thought it was Christmas morning the afternoon it came!
For some reason, I have photo after photo on my phone of stuff like this?!?

If only she cleaned up after her projects...

After several hours at a water park, I returned to the car and found this on the steering wheel. Luke has now earned carrying the cooler to the car after lunch every time.
And that's the first half of June viewed from my cell-phone.


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