Thursday, June 27, 2013

Megan's Week

Although Megan thoroughly enjoyed her time at BYU last year for an Organ Workshop, nothing compared to this year's Youth Summer Music Festival. It was very much like an EFY, (Especially For Youth) but with a musical emphasis.

We dropped her off on the Sunday evening, after we had spent the day together as a family in Provo. Tensions were a little high as we navigated our way through long lines, dorm rooms, cafeteria food, etc. But by the time we drove away, having left Megan alone in a dorm room awaiting a room-mate, I was feeling  more motherly love towards her. I may or may not have shed a tear or two as we drove through the streets of Provo away from BYU.

Mike, Ellie and Drew spent the Saturday at the week's end, in Provo for her closing concerts. I was unfortunately unable to attend, as I had a previous commitment to speak at a conference that same day. Mike's parents attended one of the concert's, and Laurie, never one to be without a camera, thankfully provided us with some photos.
(Megan attended the camp as one of 4 harp students. Thankfully we didn't have to take her harp!)

Megan had a blast.
I think I only spoke to her twice on the phone, and maybe she sent a total of 5 texts the whole week. She was far too busy with her new found friends. This was one of the texts she sent, which also happens to be the only photo she took the whole week!
(I still can't quite figure out why she looks like she's about 9 years old in this photo!)
Her nights were late, her mornings early, and boy did she have a bad case of the cranks when she returned home Saturday night.

Life was different without Megan. Things were a little quieter, there were less tornados (she is a walking tornado), and no one bugged Mike and I at bedtime. Even considering the absence of those irritating things, we certainly missed her.

Glad to have her home.
(But not her messes.)


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