Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Part 3 of CA

Casey and Cindy took us to the Fashion District. I've attempted to go there the last couple of times I've been with them, but it never worked out. Now? It will be a necessity. A necessity I tell you!!

Blocks and blocks of cheap shopping.
(I'm so much more a quantity vs quality gal.)

Which is why I couldn't resist an $8 purchase of cute sandals. Helped in part by Casey's reminder that it would be one more pair towards my 365 pair goal.
(Not sure how long these ones will last. They are very cheaply made.)

I loved the shoes and purses shops, Megan loved the fabric shops.
Oh how I love shopping.
Mike doesn't, so we didn't spend as much time there as I'd have liked.
Next time.

Onto more important matters.
Some of our favorite cousins live in Southern California, and we were thrilled to be able to spend time with them. Why oh why didn't I get more pictures? And why didn't I get any of the adults?
(Cousins Ricky and Luke--I have a photo of them side-by-side when they are about 1 and 3 weeks old, I should find it.)

Katie and Ellie weren't able to spend as much time together as the boys, but after the few minutes it took to "warm up" to each other, they were having a splendid time together. I was so said to have to say goodbye. Darn miles between loved ones.
(Katie, Drew and Ellie)

(Not sure why Picasa wouldn't let me fix the red eye on this one!)
I can't forget our afternoon visit to Santa Monica Pier. Although, I will leave out the part about me being the only one to get an ice cream. (Long story...hard to explain...) Cindy wrapped it up well in a text later that evening, "It's good for your children to see you are special."  Ha ha.

And a few random shots...

Children LOVED the breakfast buffet at the hotel. It was always a little crazy and chaotic, and I was mildly self-conscious of how many children we were traipsing through there each morning. (I'm sure which is why Mike gladly volunteered to stay behind and pack the lunch the second morning...)
Adored everything about our dinner Saturday night around an open (electric) fire. Kids had Taco Bell, Mike and I had curry. Delicious. Loved the ambiance, the food, and the fact that by this point in the evening, the children no longer dared talk to either me or Mike so we were able to enjoy a little peace and quiet. (It was a very late dinner.)
I loved that Megan practically wanted to cry when Drew sequestered her suitcase. You see, Megan has a suitcase she loved that we purchased when we went to DC 2 years ago. She uses it "only to fly" which hasn't been since DC. When we announced this trip, the first thing she mentioned was wheeling her suitcase around an airport. (She will DIE of embarrassment when she finds out I publicly declared this.) To make a long story short, the other 2 suitcases and 2 booster seats were too big and awkward for Drew to attempt to help with. (Not that anyone was expecting him to do anymore than hold someone's hand.) Drew INSISTED on pulling Megan's. And, when you are in a public place and a kid is completely over stimulated and tired, we make the rule, "Let him have it."
Megan wasn't happy.
She got stuck carrying a plastic bag holding 2 booster seats.
Not exactly the fashion statement she was hoping to make.


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