Thursday, June 6, 2013

Part of Mike's History

Mike served a year of his LDS mission in Southern California. He served in the Rancho Palos Verdes area, southwest of downtown Los Angeles. It is a beautiful area. I have returned to the area with Mike a handful of times in our marriage, and love it every time. It was important to me (Mike is way less sentimental than me) to take our children to the area.

The first attempt we made to visit the area, was Saturday evening. A thick layer of fog covered the area, and this was the view when we got to the spot of the much anticipated view.
Much better the next morning, although a mist still hung in the air.
Although the beaches from this view aren't the beautiful sandy beaches of other parts of the Southern California shoreline, they are beautiful in their own way.

We enjoyed a last minute picnic at a park, where we tried to finish up all the leftover food and drink before we soon had to board a plane.
Saturday afternoon we visited the Los Angeles (LDS) temple. Mike visited this temple monthly while on his mission, and although like I said, he isn't sentimental about it, I was. Although my sentimentality ended pretty quickly. Because we all know my attention span versus his attention span when looking at displays/visitors centers/grounds, etc.

And that wraps up part 2 of our trip to another world. One more to follow and that will be it!


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