Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Annual Tradition That Wasn't Cancelled

Due to several conflicting events, our 4th of July Annual Water Baseball BBQ was rescheduled this year to July 24th. About a week before July 24th, I cancelled the event all together. I just wasn't "feeling it."

Our Annual Water Baseball BBQ  is the highlight of my summer. It has always been held on July 4th (one exception being July 5th, when the 4th was a Sunday.) For some reason, I couldn't imagine having the Water Baseball BBQ and not having it coincide with America's birthday, the holiday of freedom, and all things independent. Playing baseball in honor of the early Mormon Pioneers, on July 24th just didn't seem to fit.

There were a few other minor factors in the cancellation decision too.

Apparently though, all the people who like to ATTEND the Annual Water Baseball BBQ, and who don't have to pull a weed, or scrub a toilet in preparation for it were in an outcry that it was cancelled.

Okay, I exaggerate slightly, but I did feel a little pull of peer pressure to un-cancel the Annual Water Baseball BBQ and hold it THIS YEAR ONLY on July 24th.

And I didn't regret it one bit.
Okay, well I did in the morning when I couldn't find my bucket of water baseball "stuff" and then I realized I had absolutely no ketchup. (Who runs out of ketchup?!) I made sure everyone in my little family heard my rants of "There was a reason I didn't want to do this, this year!" or "Why did I get talked back into this?"

But after our guests began to arrive, and I watched the Annual Water Baseball BBQ begin again for its 8th consecutive year, I smiled and I committed, that I would never again cancel our Annual Water Baseball BBQ on JULY 4th.

Love it.
Love it.
Love it!

 As for photos...I only have these small ones from my mother's phone that I can't enlarge.
The CUTEST cousin ever. Seriously. I love Baby Daniel. (He doesn't feel the same way about me, but for some reason he always makes me smile.)

And there's a video that I'm going to get uploaded soon. What fun!


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