Thursday, August 22, 2013

Actually A Little Vacation

Mike still claims it wasn't exactly a "vacation." I think it was pretty darn close. Regardless, we enjoyed a few days together as a family at beautiful Bear Lake. I haven't been there for years, and had forgotten how much I love that place.

"Does Ariel live in Bear Lake?"-Drew
"I'll buy you ice cream if you jump off the diving board?"-Megan
"I'll buy you ice cream if you go down the water slide?"-Megan
"What will you buy me ice cream for doing?"-Luke
"We're going to Idaho? Yessssss!"-Joshua

"This is a fun 'fa-cation', huh?"
"I love how pretty, pretty beautiful Bear Lake is."-Drew
"Yesterday, when we went to Mexico, I mean Idaho..."-Joshua
"Will you hand me my phone?"-Mike (repeated over and over)
"I've never swam so much in my life."-Megan

"Do you want to play a game?"-Ellie (repeated over and over)
"Can we rent a paddle board or a kayak?"-Luke (repeated over and over)
"Welcome to Home Family Primary."-Mike
"Heavenly Father was a good landscaper."-Mike
"Do you know Jesus loves us really hard?"-Drew
"This has been my favorite part of the trip. Sitting here in the evenings with this view."-Tiffany

"You're really going to exercise in a collar-ed shirt?"-Tiffany
"Who says I'm exercising?"-Mike
Day three: "GROSS!! I knew it! The boys haven't even unwrapped the bar of soap by their sink upstairs. How have they been washing their hands?"-Megan
"I did it on purpose. Did that mean I did it on naughty?" "Oh. I did it on accident."-Drew
"Relax Mike, it's just a little chocolate milkshake he dropped on your foot. Remember, he's six!"-Tiffany
"Bye Bear Lake."-Drew and Joshua


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