Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Year

We take back-to-school photos in the exact same spot every year since Megan started 1st grade in 2005. The silly Japanese Maple tree next to them hasn't grown at all over the years, fortunately the children have.

Like I said to Drew as we exited the school on Monday morning, "It's just you and me now." Of course it was said through tears after we left Luke in his 6th grade classroom, Ellie in a 4th grade portable, and Joshua in the 1st grade classroom I left Megan in 8 years ago.

I'd already walked Megan half way to the bus stop an hour or so earlier.

Back to school is a bittersweet time for me. As much as my children make me C.R.A.Z.Y. during the long, lazy days of summer, I do enjoy them. Monday morning as I watched them eat breakfast, I ignored the climbing on the table to reach the syrup and I didn't yell at anyone to remove the backpack from the kitchen table. I didn't even comment on the syrup and powdered sugar that seemed to entirely miss anyone's french toast and went straight on the table instead. I just looked at them and smiled and thought about how much I love them. I thought about how hard it is to send them back to school, despite knowing full well had summer been much longer, it would have certainly done one or more of us in.
As we left the school, Drew asked, "Can we go to the dollar store right now? I really want a fishing 'pool'."(pole) I drove him straight there and promptly bought him the fishing pole he's had his heart set on for weeks, and threw in a couple other purchases for him too.

I feel as though I'm going to find myself bending to the whims of my 4 year old for the duration of this school year. Especially as I hear him playing nearby speaking into a pretend walkie talkie and saying, "Joshua, do you read me? Joshua, are you there?" Of course, Joshua is not responding like he did all summer long. Joshua is instead sitting in a classroom, while Drew plays alone at home.

I think I'll go answer the walkie talkie call-out. I know by now what really matters...

Less dishes getting done, more puzzles put together.
Fewer pieces of furniture getting dusted, more games being played.
Not so much of a rush for the laundry to get switched, patiently reading more books with a child on my lap.

One more year, til they all go to school.
I no longer count the months.


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