Monday, August 5, 2013

Day to Day

I read a great quote the other day about the everyday things. But my brain is becoming overcome by five kids and summer vacation that I can't even begin to remember where it was I read it, or if I wrote it down or not.

Bummer, because I was picturing the quote to have gone nicely with the latest phone purge of mine that will now follow...

Yes, this would be a "ketchup on an ice cream cone" series:

Sometimes Drew and I take photos of ourselves while we wait for Megan and Luke inside the store, and then Drew decides that far more important than remembering what he and I looked like in the summer of 2013, is to have permanent records of Walmart's storefront...

(be glad I'm only choosing to share 1 of the 27 Walmart photos he took)

Taking deodorant to a fast-food restaurant is very normal for a 4 year old, right? Drew spent one full day carrying around deodorant in his pocket. Every few minutes he would pull it out and apply it to his skin. His armpits, his arms, his legs, or his stomach. It got to the point that I couldn't even stand to be near him, let alone let him sit on my lap or hug me. The smell was way too over-powering. By dinner time, I couldn't stand to be in the same room as him.
All my children have spent far too much time fighting, wrestling and arguing. Sometimes it gets physical...
Mike arrived home one night with a bashed car. Apparently "antelope" don't just play 'home, home, on the range' but on highways too.  I didn't complain about the nice 2013 VW Jetta I drove around for the 2 weeks the Honda was being repaired.
Some days when I'm not wound up tighter than a bobbin, I bask in the simpleness of summer afternoons watching the children be children.

And I'll have you know, that when I asked Luke to please tighten the toilet paper holder in my bathroom, meaning, simply tighten the screws, and he interpreted it as unscrew it, and reattach it and leave a gaping hole in the bathroom wall, I laughed. I didn't raise my voice or express disappointment at all. Mike didn't echo the same reaction.
Megan attended girls camp. We missed her. But then again, things were a little tidier and quieter around here without her... (I'd put a winky face icon here, but I have a general rule of thumb not to use those.)
I'm still a little perplexed at the fine print I missed in the motherhood manual that said something about hauling goats in the back of a truck on summer mornings.
I copied an awesome idea from a friend and have begun allowing my boys to paint with watercolor paints in the bathtub. (Great sales on them right now with back to school!) Easy to clean up and doesn't cause a water-logged bathroom like their usual bathtub entertainment of either baptizing each other, swimming lessons, or jumping off the sides of the tub. I especially like when Mike is responsible for getting them out of the tub and he does a little graffiti himself on the tub sides.
I'm sure you've seen more than you wanted to of our life through the screen of a phone camera. But there you have it.

Tell me I'll miss all of this another day, but not today.
Today I'm almost ready to start counting down the days till school starts.


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