Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eight Zero

My grandmother recently turned 80!
We had a family party/bbq for her. It was elegant, yet simple. A wonderful tribute to a fabulous lady. One of my favorite things of the night, was the opportunity to reflect on what a great life she has lived in her 80 years, and the far-reaching influence she has had on people.

The evening made me realize how seldom we truly recognize people and their greatness. It seems too often we wait until funerals to tell funny stories, recall fond memories, or to honor a specific person we love.

Loved this evening!
Loved it.
Loved it.
Loved it.
Love my grandmother too!

Two birthdays, one day! My nephew Caleb who turned 18 and grandmother who turned 80!
Don't look if you're on my Christmas card list. This may be it. No formal family photos this year for us.

80 years! Here's to many more.


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