Friday, August 16, 2013

Few Days of Nothing

The kids and I enjoyed a few days in Park City with my parents. It was a delightful, relaxing few days, even if my dad and I may have had a few complaints. (Him complaining about being asphyxiated by a generator while relaxing by the pool was totally justified!)  I like to think the free craft class I received for my children was justified too, after I made a kind inquiry about why in the world the hot dogs we had ordered were taking 35 minutes to cook.

I didn't however say a word, other than pick up all our food and drinks and moving abruptly to a different dining table at a restaurant, when A DOG got too close to me and my artichoke dip appetizer. My dad wanted to complain, and in hindsight, we should have. Who brings their dog into a restaurant, even if it is an outdoor seating area? The seating area was enclosed and it was NOT a service animal!
End of rant.

My mother of course, gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and was always quick to smile. My dad and I could benefit from taking a cue from her once in a while.

Regardless. Our few days in Park City were quite relaxing...
swimming, shopping, zip-lining, game playing, eating, and generally doing nothing.


Drew of course had to have a monkey floatie as soon as he saw it, and Nana obliged him. (It was quickly dubbed "Monkey Man.") Naturally Joshua, although hadn't paid any attention to the for sale floaties up to that point, had to have the turtle one, when he saw Drew with the monkey one. Perk of having Nana there--I would never have paid those inflated prices!
The practice course before they rode the gondola up the mountain to the bigger zip line that they then zipped down while propelled 110 feet above ground, potentially reaching speeds of 45mph. (Or so the pamphlet says.) Glad I wasn't where I could see them!

Good times, good memories, good company.


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