Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I hope you didn't have to be there...

After an enjoyable dinner outside at a pleasant restaurant in Park City, my mother and I decided to run into a nearby Bed, Bath and Beyond store to purchase a wedding gift for an upcoming wedding. My dad is typically quite content to shop, but Bed, Bath and Beyond was barely tolerable for him and his almost non-existent domestic side. He patiently waited while my mother and I perused a wedding gift registry and then browsed other items that piqued our interest.

Our last stop was the greeting card section to pick out a wedding card. I quickly delegated the wedding card choice to my mother when a birthday greeting card nearby caught my attention. Of course I had to show it to my dad, in an effort to help reduce the new heights of boredom he was reaching in the aforementioned store.

Oh my.

Before we knew it. The three of us were standing in Bed, Bath and Beyond, in front of the greeting cards laughing hysterically. And I mean LAUGHING. The kind of laugh, that I had to take a break from looking at one my dad was trying to show me because I was laughing way too hard. You know the kind...the oh-my-heck-I-have-to-find-a-bathroom type laugh. I have never in my life seen a selection of greeting cards that made me laugh like these ones did. These cards were fabulous!

I'm not quite sure what the cashier at the nearby check-out stand observed of our card shopping. I have no idea where all of the workers were that moments before had been descending on us like flies every few seconds on every aisle we entered. No one approached us. No one asked us if we were "finding everything okay." No one interrupted us to see if we needed help with anything. It seemed as though for a good 10-12 minutes, my dad, my mother and I were the only ones in the store. Lost in our own amusement. Completely in our own world of hilarity, interrupted briefly to brainstorm about upcoming birthdays and potential recipients of our off-color humor.

I know you wish you were there. And because it is likely, you may not be a recipient of one of the handful of cards we deemed "necessary" to purchase, here's a peek at one of them.

I'm laughing my head off all over again as I upload these photos, so please don't ruin it by telling me..."Maybe you had to be there."
It's funny.


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