Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Few Randoms

It's been a while since I've posted on the randomness of our lives lately. It seems my cell phone is always the best place to go to remember what we've been doing around here lately.

I think Ellie's half birthday got lost in the recesses of my cell phone picture gallery. Oops. We did celebrate the half-way, despite the lack of blog post telling anyone about it.
I mean for heaven sakes, we wouldn't have wanted to miss out on sharing that blurry photo, now would we?!

I think the harp recital also got lost in the cell phone gallery, but we shan't forget to mention it.

With the freshly fallen snow, and cold temperatures, the peak season of our business is winding down. Although there is still much to do throughout the winter, Mike and I wanted to do something to thank our employees for a successful year of work. Several of our employees prefer to keep to themselves, and having a big dinner at a restaurant, or some kind of party didn't seem like the right fit. So with a few good brains put together we came up with the idea of a....

taco truck coming to the office...
It worked out wonderfully for those wanting to socialize alone with each other outside, and those wanting to mingle with each other inside.
It was a wonderful afternoon enjoying the company of those that help make our business what it is. Mike threw out all sorts of invites, and it was fun seeing who would walk through the door next. We not only had our employees, we had 2 guys from our bank (who were initially mistaken for being LDS missionaries when they walked in!), sales reps, and subcontractors.

Delicious food and good company are among my favorite things.
Note in the above photo what the people in the back are sitting on... it helped that when we ran out of enough folding chairs, we had plenty of sprinkler valve boxes on hand to improvise.
There are definite perks to being the key decision maker in a company. Hooray for taco trucks.

After a little choir performance at our house today (more on that later), Ellie was entertained forever playing with the microphone stand. Unfortunately (for her) the microphone had been put away immediately following the concert, so it could be returned in good condition to the owner. She didn't ask for a microphone to go with the stand--she improvised and made her own! It was the perfect shape for her to sing into, and she was content as can be singing into... the barrel of a gun! Mike was thoroughly amused and had to snap a photo of the performance.

We had an impromptu Family Carnefel on Saturday night, and each child shared a game with us to play. We did everything from pin the nose on Santa, "ask questions about Christmas" directed at the Little People Nativity set, match pictures of NFL football helmets to papers with the names on them, and trying to feel if someone was blowing warm air on us through a straw while our eyes were closed. (This game was a result of the blowing marshmallows up a straw not quite paning out.) I realize those descriptions don't sound like the most entertaining family activities, but they are for us. They are typically always good for a laugh.

Megan's game was last, and instead of any made-up-game, she chose hide-and-seek. I immediately dismissed it, and she replied, "But Mom, that's what we do!" If she really identifies hide and seek as one of our most prominent family activities, I could hardly say no. Especially considering everyone else (including Mike) were thrilled with the game choice. Of course it was better than having air blown on my face through a straw, but still.

I think one of the reasons I don't enjoy hide and seek is because Mike gets far too creative with the kids and their hiding spots. He had Drew squeezed into the frame of the couch at one point, and Joshua essentially being airlifted into a hiding spot behind a piece of furniture in our family room. I feel like what should be an innocent game of hide-and-seek turns into anxieties about whether a shelf will collapse, my pantry will be put back together again, or if the entertainment center really is strong enough to hold a television and a child.
(Joshua hidden behind the computer armoire in the family room! Even Ellie said, "I can't watch" as Joshua was precariously lifted out...)

I usually roll my eyes at the places Mike comes up with for the kids to hide, but this one was great. Megan walked by the "snow clothes drying rack" numerous times before finally spotting Joshua amidst the overalls and gloves. Definitely my favorite hiding place of the night.
I typically observe rather than play, but somehow I got roped into being one to count and hide. Which begs the question--What crazy mother actually goes in search of her peaceful, quiet, hiding children?!? I was thoroughly enjoying the solitary quietness and alone-ness upstairs in my room "counting" until Mike paged me downstairs. I was aided in my search by a dear friend, who just happened to show up on the doorstep with a Christmas gift just as I was beginning my search for five children. The highlight of the game was my friend, Paula helping me search, and ending up jumping out of her skin when Luke appeared out of the living room curtains and scared her. His claim? "I thought it was mom."

Luke spent the balmy day before Thanksgiving outside in his bike shop working on something. He emerged a little while later and announced "You have to come outside and see what I made."

A trailer for his bike?!
Apparently a neighbor boy was the guinea pig and Luke announced it "Very safe to carry Hank or a friend." I didn't deem it quite as safe, and thankfully the snow fell a couple days later and we haven't seen the trailer out since. Although he has come a long way since his scooter building days, he still has a few engineering/physics skills to master before you'll see me climbing aboard any of his contraptions.

Life is good. I really shouldn't complain.
Happy December!


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