Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dinner Parties

This year as December crept in, for a variety of reasons I wasn't feeling very excited about the impending Christmas season. In my mind, I began creating all sorts of new scenarios instead of our familiar traditions. The first Sunday in December our Home Teachers (2 men assigned to us from our church congregation to visit with us each month or so to make sure we are doing well and share with us an important message) visited us. I can't even remember what their lesson/message was about, but I do remember one of them asking each of our family members in turn, "What is your favorite Christmas tradition?"

Luke's reply with no hesitation was, "All the dinner parties we have."

I changed my attitude right then and there and realized my personal feelings didn't have to spill out onto my children, especially my 12 year old's favorite tradition.

Just like we do every year, we had our traditional dinner parties with families that we love and enjoy. (With one exception--our dinner with the Tingeys and their extended family wasn't able to happen this year. We were all very disappointed.)

I love that with each dinner party, the personalities and people differ so each activity and evening is varied and unique.

Love that.

Love that dinner with the Freys always includes a game, entertained children, and good conversation. Definitely some of my favorite people to come to dinner. It needs to be more than an annual event.
This year the evening included a candy cane relay that lasted about 10 seconds, but the candy canes were enjoyed for days later. Well, those that weren't immediately consumed that evening. Luke entertained us with a repeat of his match-NFL team names-with-the-right-picture-of-their-helmets game. Kari and Kellen were a good match for this. They know their NFL teams well.

Fun night!

Of course I love when the Wielands come to dinner. They are our only friends we "sing with." Although singing is a frequent event when we are together with these friends, it usually is impromptu and mainly the girls. But at Christmas, it is a more "formal" sit down and have a sing-a-long. I.LOVE.IT. I would incorporate it into more dinner parties, but I fear some friends wouldn't enjoy it.
 I wasn't too thrilled that Mike was laying down singing like this. But at least he was still singing.
 But then he began to do a little more of this. The flash awoke him enough to smile...
Luke on the other hand didn't sing at all. But that's okay. He sat quietly and respectfully observing.
Everyone else on the other hand participated well.

Our dinner party with my BFF's family didn't result in a single photo.

What a wonderful time of year!


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