Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Generations Later

My grandmother sent me an email the other night informing me that her mother, my Nana once "modeled" for Caterpillar.

Who knew 75+ years later her great-grand-daughter would do the same.
OK-I'm kidding. I didn't model for Caterpillar, I had a photo shoot and a little interview.
Big difference.
(You can click HERE to read about it.)

It's probably just as well I didn't see these photos before our own Caterpillar adventure the other week, or I may have tried too hard to recreate a photo, and I'm not so sure high heels and a skirt, or a sledgehammer for that matter would have been appropriate that day.

Edith and Carl Follett around 1928ish.
 (Not sure who the third person is? Most likely a Caterpillar Mechanic)
Never thought I'd say this, but I do wish the machine was more visible in the photo of me, so it doesn't just look like me posing in a hard hat.
A little family history lesson from my grandmother, Ruth Hill:

A bit of family history. Wheeler Machinery was once known as Landes Tractor Co. Based in Salt Lake. Wheeler bought them out in about the early forties or there about. You are the forth generation to model for them . How's that for a laugh. Your greatgrandfather ( Carl Follett) worked for for Landes Tractor. He sold caterpillar tractors &  repaired them .  Traveling all of Utah and Idaho back roads and farms. Mother even worked for them in the office in Preston after coming west and meeting Daddy. I have some delightful pictures of mother and daddy in this scenario . Mother sitting on the tractor with a marcell (? ) hair do, dressed in coveralls , WEARING HEELS AND HOLDING A SLEDGE HAMMER! Daddy standing at the side . This is one of RJ's favorite photos. What a laugh! So I was glad to see you were keeping up the family tradition. Liked the hard hat! Would you like a copy of the pic?
            Love , Grandma

Mike was so excited about it that he sent the old photos to the Wheeler Machinery people we worked with during our filming. There's talk of a possible re-creation. I told Mike that just because I own my Nana's pearls that could likely be the same ones she's wearing in the above photos, I don't think I'm interested in following suit and modeling by a machine in pearls and heels.

Although maybe I could be easily persuaded.


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