Monday, March 10, 2014

The Ocean

There's something soothing to me about being at the edge of the ocean. I consider the fact that I was in the Caribbean in January, and then sitting on the beach in California 6 weeks later nothing short of LUCKY!

The trip to the beach on the way home from the airport while in California a couple weeks ago, was quite relaxing, despite having 3 excited children between us. The three children played in the sand and in the water while Casey and I sat on towels talking. I love Casey. I wish I had asked Joshua to take a photo of Casey and me sitting together on the beach. I'm sure we'll never do such a thing again, and I wish I had thought to capture the moment in a photo I could print, rather than just a mind photo.

There is something about being at the edge of the ocean that makes me get deep and philosophical in my thoughts about life. I love the feeling of something so expansive having such power over small things. I love looking out to the horizon and wondering what is beyond it all.

(I remember distinctly standing at the edge of the ocean in England as a 9 year old girl on holiday with my good friend. I remember one particular day feeling homesick for my family (I was gone for over a week), and somehow feeling comforted and not as alone as I looked out at the horizon.)
I love the ocean. And I love the beach.
Mike called a couple of times while I was sitting on the beach to ask questions about real life and business stuff that he was back home taking care of. I felt so far removed from real life and the questions he was asking me, that I finally responded, "How about you keep making a living working hard and earning money, and I'll make a living traveling and sitting on beaches, and then one day we'll travel together?"

I think we are both still trying to decide if I was serious or not.


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