Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the Other Hand

Ellie-5th grade, Megan-10th grade, Luke-7th grade, Joshua-2nd grade, Drew-kindergarten

The first day of school was difficult for me in many ways, but on the other hand. I am sooooo glad to see summer over. I think I thrive better on routine, order and systems, and I am not good about incorporating that too much into the summer. Summer leaves me torn between letting my children be children and preserving my mental health. I think I lent more towards letting them be children this year, and I'm fairly certain my mental health suffered.

So, when my last child was finally gone to school on Monday, I bought myself a bouquet of fresh flowers and then came home and cleaned. I didn't just do the usual twice weekly vacuum, this time I vacuumed behind couches and under end-tables. I vacuumed up crumbs, strings and who knows what from the last 12 weeks of a full house.

I then sat down at my clean kitchen table with one of my favorite lunches...cheese, tomatoes and crackers. I turned on the radio for some noise, (I love peace and quiet but it isn't exactly normal for me.) and basked in my alone-ness.

Then I looked at the clock and realized how soon the early-out elementary children would be arriving home, and I admit to feeling a little bit of disappointment with the shortness of my alone time.

After all those kindergarten tears, it turned out to be quite a wonderful two hours, and I'm really not worried about ever feeling "alone."
(Yes two hours a day is about all I'll get alone this year. PM kindergarten + a high school schedule=not too much alone time)


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