Friday, September 12, 2014

Grand Champion

Did I really not blog much this summer? Ugh. I'm rarely one to go back and catch up, but I can't possibly neglect to record Luke's experience at the Davis County Fair this year.

This was the 4th year in a row that Luke entered his goat(s) into the Davis County Fair. Last year, I finally realized the fairs weren't so bad after all if:

a. I have no other children with me
b. I bring plenty to read and/or do and realize no one keeps to a schedule
c. I wear closed toe shoes

This year, I was ready for it. A week before, I was mentally prepared for a day at the fair, complete with a good book to read, some closed shoes and nothing on the schedule that would mean Megan couldn't babysit the other children for me. I found myself actually looking forward to it.

And then a dear friend passed away, and I received news that her funeral was on the same day as the fair. The same day. The same time.

I cried plenty of tears that a dear lady I loved had passed away, and I shed a few tears that I would miss Luke at the fair. Luke completely understood my absence, and I sent my best wishes and luck to him, and promised I'd check my phone frequently during the funeral for photos.

The funeral I attended was wonderful. It was a touching tribute to a mother whose 6 grown children spoke lovingly and humorously of life with her as a mother. I found myself reflecting on my own mothering throughout the funeral, and the fact I wasn't with Luke did pull at my heart a fair amount.

Just as the funeral was nearing the end, I received a text from Mike with the following photo that read, "Packer was just announced as the Grand Champion."


"What????" was my simple reply.
Then I shed a little tear that I wasn't there.

My friend who was being honored that day, read my blog regularly. She would comment frequently to me about my children, my writings, and my musings. She wasn't much of a lady for fanfare or attention, and would likely had advised me to go to the fair instead of her funeral. But like I told Luke, there will be plenty of opportunities for me to attend more county fairs, but that was my only opportunity to attend a tribute to her.

Besides, he has a good story to tell at my funeral one day...
"My mother attended lots of boring county fairs where my goats didn't win anything. But one year, my goat won Grand Champion of them all and it just so happened that was the one year my mother wasn't there..."


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