Thursday, September 18, 2014


(A little Sunday afternoon balloon football game)

The other day, one of my children was telling a story about something a friend's family did, and as part of the explanation, the child explained that the friend was an only child.

The listening sibling said somewhat tenderly, "No brothers or sisters? That's sad."

It warmed my heart to think that one of my children would consider no siblings a "sad thing." I found myself noticing for the rest of the afternoon all the things that my children were doing with each other. 

Things like:
Luke took Drew on a horse ride.
Joshua and Drew were playing Hot Wheels.
Megan and Ellie were doing hair together.
Ellie and Joshua were on the trampoline.
Megan and Drew were singing a song.
Drew was sitting on Ellie's lap.

Yesterday morning, one of the children did their regular morning routine stuff a little out of order, and found themselves in a hurry to get showered and dressed. The change in this child's morning routine resulted in the bathroom being occupied when they were ready to get in the shower. The in-a-hurry-child stood at the bathroom door yelling at the sibling inside to hustle,and yelled further accusations that the occupant was probably sitting on the bathroom floor doing nothing. It resulted in yelling and anger from the in-the-bathroom child.

I kindly (it took great restraint) told the in-a-hurry-child they would need to go get in the other shower instead.

Within seconds of that suggestion, I heard screaming and crying from a third child. Wondering what in the world was happening, I hollered upstairs, "What happened?"

As the story goes, an innocent child was standing naked at the shower, literally ready to step in when the in-a-hurry-child pushed the naked sibling out of the way and took possession of the shower instead.

The in-a-hurry child was the same sibling, that a mere 36 hours previously had declared it to be "sad" that somebody would have no siblings. I'm not so sure (s)he felt that same way about the thought of not having any siblings on Wednesday morning.

In fact, I'm quite certain that on Wednesday morning none of the siblings in the Sowby Home would have agreed with the earlier pronouncement that being an only child was "sad."

Sometimes a houseful of siblings is not all it's cracked up to be.


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