Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Parent. Sleep. Repeat.

If I end up in a mental hospital one of these days, I have no doubt it will be because of monotony. It will be because the same words come out of my mouth, and my body physically does the same things over and over again. It will be the result of days and weeks and months and years of repetition.

My words and actions will be similar to these:

Answering the question at least 6 times every afternoon, "What's for dinner?" I thought I once solved this by placing a little chalkboard on my kitchen counter. I instead found myself saying at least 6+ times, "Read the chalkboard." (If every individual could even just limit the question to only once, it would be easier on my mental state. But no one seems to remember they asked 10 or 20 minutes earlier and I'm repeating myself far more than 6 times.)

My body will be stuck into a permanent position of wiping off kitchen counters. It doesn't seem to matter how much older my children get, or how many kitchen tasks they can now assist with or do themselves. I feel like multiple times a day I am wiping off the kitchen counters.

I'm not sure my mouth will ever stop uttering the words "Make Good Choices" when saying goodbye to my children. They seem to naturally follow the words, "Goodbye. I love you." or any such variants such as, "I love you. Have a good day." or "Have fun. Love you." Even the little boy next door that I drive to kindergarten each day now chants, "Good choices" as soon as the word, "Make" comes out of my mouth each day as Drew and his friend hop out of the car at the kindergarten pull-up.

I think I will forever be in the notion of fixing the next meal, or the next snack. And if not actively making it, I'll likely be planning for it, or shopping for it, or cleaning up after it.

My hand will be stuck in the perpetual movement of signing my name. In this day of electronics, I feel like the need for my signature should be dying out. Yet it seems every afternoon, evening, and morning, I am met with a stack of papers that require my signature. Thank heaven, Mike had a stamp made of my signature for the office. I think he was getting scared tired of asking me (the president/owner) to sign papers for the business.

My brain will always be calculating exactly how many minutes a child read the previous night. I will never understand why it can't just be assumed my children continue to read every night as they have since toddlers. Reading isn't hard for us to do. Remembering every book read and the approximate time taken to read said books is.

I feel as though my car will always be on auto-pilot to some type of grocery store. Doesn't matter if it is Walmart, Dicks, or Costco. I'm quite certain a day doesn't pass without somebody needing something.

I'm not sure there will ever be a day that passes without me saying at least 10 times the phrases, "Close the door!" "Turn off the light!" "Put your shoes away!" "Close the fridge!" or the questions, "Have you practiced?" "Is your homework done?" "Is your room clean?" "Are your teeth brushed?"

(Speaking of teeth brushing. I dream of the day we don't have more toothpaste in the sinks than in all the toothpaste tubes combined.)

Best go now.
Drew has just requested a snack.
Oh the irony.

(This photo is completely unrelated. But the amount of nonsense photos I find on my i-pad and cell phone are sure to contribute to any questionable mental state of mind.)


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