Monday, April 27, 2015


I can't forget the simple things in life that for whatever reason made me (or somebody else) want to record it with a photo.

My mornings alone with Drew are slowly winding down. His days at home for a few hours with just me are soon to end. At the beginning of the school year, I was in a business meeting and I told someone that I couldn't commit to a certain task. I explained to them that I've spent good quality time with all my children at home, and although it seems easy to drag the last child around, or find places for him to go, I wanted to be committed to him. I have been. Although Drew has been dragged around with me, or babysat by others plenty of times, I have spent so much quality time with him. I have no regrets.

I don't save all the papers the children bring home from school, but there are some that I absolutely have to immediately file away. This was one of them, except it stayed in the kitchen for longer than usual papers, because it was so fun to look at! I love the name Joshua gave himself, the wrinkles, and the long beard. Oh to have the imagination of a child!

Luke is still Luke. He still has the most vivid imaginations and inventions. He's progressed a little over the years as far as safety and specifics, but he still continues to think outside of the box. I LOVE this boy of mine.
(The old bike trailer he transformed into a trailer last summer, now became a children's ride when he tied a lawn chair to it. Helmets were a definite requirement to ride!)

A fifth grade field trip chaperone. A loud and bumpy bus ride, other people's children, and 4 hours at an aquarium. Need I say more? Those aren't exactly any of my favorite things. Except for Ellie is, so that's why I did it.

I love little boys and cars. Drew has more Hot Wheels, cars and trucks than any little boy needs, but he plays with them all the time. They make Mike crazy, but not me. It's one of those little things, I can't help but love.

I'm not exactly sure what was going on with a slew of photos like this on my phone. I think Kinzey and Ellie were attempting to illustrate some books they were writing, with pictures. Makes me wonder what the books are about??

(Joshua, Drew, Kinzey)

Joshua turned 8 recently. And he was given the CHOICE of whether or not he wanted to join the Cub Scouts at our church. (We view the involvement in BSA as an "extra-curricular", even though really it is a default activity by virtue of being a member of the LDS church.) Please, I beg you. Don't get me started on this subject.

But I will quickly say, I wore all of my PATHETIC Mother's Pins that I've never seen another mother EVER WEAR besides me. I wore/wear them to all of Luke's Pack Meetings and Courts of Honor, and here I go again with Joshua. What a complete and utter waste of money. Like I said, don't get me started.
(The only reason I took this photo was to send to my BFF. She's the only one that truly appreciates it.)

The girls spent far longer than they should have coloring plastic cups and then melting them in the oven to fun shapes and designs. No practicing of instruments or homework was getting done, but their giggles and camaraderie were not anything to put an end to.

Last Friday (my 18th wedding anniversary), Luke was diagnosed with strep throat AGAIN. This time I had to take a doctor note to school to excuse his millionth absence this school year. Lucky Luke ended up being a lunch date for me to a place of his choosing, DQ for a milkshake for his sore throat.

And that's about that for now. I could go on for hours sharing all the silly photos the children take on my phone, but we'll stick to these highlights for now.

I think I will always be a believer in the importance of the little things. I KNOW they are what really matter.


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