Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Washington DC with Ellie

I think I've explained before why Mike and I have sort of decided against full-family-all-seven-of-us-together-at-one-time type trips. We can barely drive to the local ice cream place 10 minutes away without somebody crying, fighting, or almost dying. (No idea why I still have some sort of crrazzzzzyyyy idea that we will all go TOGETHER to England a year from now.)

This year was going to be low-key for trips as we save our air miles for England next year, plus Megan is going to Peru in July. But I couldn't wait any longer to get back to Washington DC to visit my darling niece and nephew, Lucy and Peter. I had planned to take Ellie at some point during her 5th grade year (typically 5th graders study a fair amount of US history, but not so much for Ellie??), but for one reason or another, it happened right as school let out instead.

Oh how I love Washington DC. I owe my love for that city to my in-laws for first introducing me to it in 2011. I owe the ability to make this trip so fun to my brother and his wife who live just outside of DC. And of course, I owe it to Mike for allowing me the opportunity to go.

Oh boy. I love that place! Next time--I'm heading there alone with Mike. There are soooo many things I wanted to spend more time doing/seeing/experiencing. But Ellie's attention span wasn't the greatest. Joshua and Drew will have to wait a few more years to be old enough to appreciate the rich history of the place, but I know I won't be able to wait until then to visit again.

Because of these two.

Aren't they the CUTEST?????

I'm so glad I had Ellie write in a journal each night about her days in DC. I'll let those entries go along with the photos...

"Today is Sunday. A few things that I saw were the White House. The Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and many more. My favorite place was the Lincoln Memorial and the White House. At the White House there were a lot of police. My third favorite place is the Jefferson Memorial. I could see the Washington Monument from a distance."

"My mom's favorite is Fort McHenry which is actually in Baltimore, Maryland. I liked it too. The only thing I didn't like was the drive. Fort McHenry is the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner. It was super cool!"

"Another place that I went to was Georgetown Cupcakes. It was delicious."

"I saw lots of cool things today. I saw the Washington Monument up close."

"The National Archives, the Natural History Museum, the American History Museum. THe American History was really cool. (Later in the evening) we went to the Air and Space museum. It was cool to see all of the things there. It had the fastest airplane and the space shuttle that actually went to space and back. I was picturing it to be pretty ginormous. It was actually bigger than I thought it would be."

"Today I went to Arlington Semetery (sic). It is cool. There is a grave of an unknown soldier, so another soldier was guarding it. All day, all night, rain, snow, sleet or hail. Crazy!"
 "We also took the metro to the Library of Congress. I really like Washington DC. We went to the World War II Memorial."

" I even touched the Washington Monument. It has two types of stone."
Interruption from Mom: Gymnastics made the sight-seeing a little more bearable when attention spans started to wane.

"Today is my last day in Washington DC. Today I went to Manassas. It is where the Civil War started. It is a really cool place. "
Another interruption from Mom: Not sure how or why a large basket of 3D glasses have a place in an old historic home at an old battlefield.
 "Washington DC is a really cool place to be.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!"

And there you have it.
From the 11 year old herself.


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