Monday, July 13, 2015

A Good Gift

I'm quite certain I have shared the story of our first Christmas together in 1997, when I awoke on Christmas Eve morning with a huge frying pan in the sheets of my bed. Suffice it to say, I didn't really appreciate it, nor was I very excited about it.

First of all, it was Christmas EVE not Christmas DAY
Second of all, a frying pan for someone that has been married 8 months wasn't exactly the right type of gift.
Third of all, it was a HUGE frying pan for just two people.

For the record, I'd actually LOVE to receive that frying pan now! 18 years later, that frying pan is long gone and it was actually a pretty decent one.

I've probably even mentioned the Christmas I received a curtain rod (no curtains...), and I'll actually stop here, because Mike is a wonderful husband in SOOO many ways. Good gift giving just isn't really his thing.

I, on the other hand?

I'm a pretty good gift giver.
You can ask him.

Take the gift he received on the most recent Father's Day for example: An opportunity to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini at top speed at a nearby motor raceway. Last Saturday, his scheduled ride arrived.

Mike had a pretty big smile on his face about the whole experience.

Not sure what his face is saying or doing here. I think it was as soon as he got finished and was expressing his enthusiasm for the experience.
(We laughed that the drivers had to wear helmets and use seat belts, but their instructor passenger didn't even wear a seat belt!)

As we got in the car to drive home in our little Audi sedan, Mike said, "I used to think this car was quite fast and zippy. Not anymore. It feels like a Fisher Price car."

Later that night, Mike went to bed with a smile on his face, but not before warning me: "You did a dangerous thing today: giving me an appetite for that." Not sure what that means; good thing his wallet doesn't hold quite as much money as a Ferrari costs.

Mike loves cars. I love giving gifts.
It was a good fit.


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