Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Near Perfect Summer Evening

I've made some wonderful friends over the last 5+ years I have been involved in the Power of Moms organization. These three ladies, have been my friends from the beginning. I love so much about them.
Saren Loosli, Koni Smith, me, Allyson Reynolds
(This is a picture of a cell phone picture. Somehow whoever got the "original" on their phone didn't send it to me! I'm quite certain it was Saren or Allyson-so it serves them right for being sort of cut of!)

I've individually spent hours with each of these ladies outside of Power of Moms stuff, but we've never spent time all together... Until this summer!  A few weeks ago we had a glorious summer evening together with our husbands and families. The children got along wonderfully, and the adults of course did too.

I had no idea the animals were going to be as big of a hit as they were

(I'm quite certain Megan is retrieving hay from her shirt, furthermore, I'm quite certain she'd be appalled I'm posting this photo!)

Much to my chagrin, even the adults ended up admiring the animals! I'm not quite sure how I feel about attempted dinner parties of mine turning into livestock admiring events. But such is my life now. I must get used to it.
 Our human sling-shot provided lots of fun! Even the moms and dads took a turn participating in the risky fun. Such a fun homemade investment I made 6+ summers ago!

 Before too long, an impromptu talent show occurred in my music room! Guitar solos, harp solos, some piano and even a little singing! Loved it!!!

Great evening! Definitely on all of our to-do lists to be repeated.

A near perfect summer evening.


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