Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brief Glimpse

Life feels a little busy lately. At least too busy to sit down at the computer and really record some good, accurate updates of our family. But, I know I will regret not having a glimpse into some of our summer days.'s a great way for my in-laws far away in NYC to see what is going on around here, as our letters and communications with them lately are sort of spotty.

I didn't even record anything on here from June. Oops!
(Hooray for Instagram though=maybe I'll have to cut and paste from there.)

Joshua was in heaven at a University of Utah football camp. It was just for a few hours, but he LOVED it. I was pretty impressed with the whole thing myself, and will definitely be a repeat customer for next year. Drew is excited that next year he can go too!

Megan spent a fabulous week at BYU's Young Musician's Summerfest. Mike, Ellie and I spent a full day in Provo the last day of the week attending concerts. Fabulous talent from such young ages! You can watch her vlogs about the week by clicking HERE and HERE. (The second one at the end will show you part of the harp recital at the end.)

Drew discovered he had a passion for golfing. Mike discovered Drew has a pretty decent swing. Since this photo, Drew was able to procure a set of child-size golf clubs for a small price paid by Yours Truly after some jobs done by Drew himself.
 I discovered not to park my car on the driveway when Drew is golfing. Mike has now implemented a new rule. NO GOLFING IN OUR YARD.

I attended a Cub Country day camp with Joshua for the day. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it isn't the BSA I have any issue with. I actually think it is a wonderful organization and program. What I detest and am continually fighting is the pressure for my boys to be active and fully committed to this program, simply by virtue of being active members of the LDS church. We have chosen to view our associations with the BSA  as nothing more than an EXTRA CURRICULAR activity that we will support and be a part of to the extent WE CHOOSE. (So yes...more than irritated last month when our names were discussed in a meeting as a bunch of people tried to figure out how to get around a choice that WE MADE AS A FAMILY but apparently wasn't okay for the local BSA leaders. Don't get me started. Enough said.)

Watermelon continues to be one of the family's favorite summertime snacks. Except for Luke. What a surprise...

My wallet feels a little extra tight this summer having put both Megan and Luke in braces.  We also discovered which child has the highest pain tolerance. Actually it was really no surprise, I knew going into it which one would have a little more 'dramatic pain' than the other. Thankfully the one that didn't complain at all, is the same one having his tonsils out in a couple weeks. He's doing that with a sibling too. Apparently, we don't like to leave anyone out around here when it comes to doing expensive things!?!

That's a long enough update for now.
More soon.
Very soon.


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