Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Instagram Copies

I recently printed out my Instagram posts in Chatbooks! Wow! What a simple, fabulous record of the ordinary days of our lives.

But I've decided for personal record  to record those same things here too. Especially as some of the people I love that they peek into our lives here are not on Instagram. So this little brief look at the last few weeks is for you.

We escaped some of the hot temperatures of early July one afternoon playing in the Ogden River with some friends, the Looslis. Great way to spend an afternoon!

Makes me sad that I only have one child left who will still ride a merry-go-round with me. And even then, I had to beg him.

 Some summer days, I'm totally on top of my game. Like this day for example:

"If there is an award for taking 6 boys to the driving range, surely I deserve it. #lukebeggedlongenough"

 "Rounding out the day taking these girls to get ice cream. #golfearlierwiththeboys #nowicecreamwithtehgirls #ohandshoeshoppingwithmegan #somedaysiamazemyself

"How many teenagers does it take to fix broken braces at an amusement park? #noonewashedtheirhandsfirst #cheaperthanadentistvisit"

While Mike and I went somewhere last Saturday afternoon, Luke was instructed to mow the lawn. He decided to delegate it to Joshua-except he had to show Joshua HOW to do it first. Megan captured this photo on her return home.

Lest you think summer is all fun and games around here. It isn't. Here was a recent Instagram post:

"Most days I adore being part of this crowd. But every once in a while, a day comes along that makes familay life feel like a mild form of torture. #typicallyabigfanofmotherhood #notsomuchtoday #midsummerblues #dontjudgeweveallbeenthere"


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