Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Briefs

Uhh...yes. This may or may not have been a result of a Hot Wheels being thrown at her by a sibling who SHALL remain nameless.

 This is on my summer must-do list every year. I'd never do it any other season, but for some reason at least once each summer, I eat Fritos and Bean Dip WITH a CAN of A & W rootbeer. My children LOVE this day!

One of Ellie's Summer Goals was to host a little lunch for some friends. It was a little out of her comfort zone, but she did it and had a wonderful time!

We've had a few summer evening rodeos over in the pasture! Goat riding, horse barrel racing and national anthem singing, provide entertainment for children and adults alike.
My dad bought a cannon. Yes. A cannon. He says calling it a new hobby is a little bit of a stretch, but I'm not sure what else to call it. Obsession? Warfare collector? Weapon hoarder? I'll just say he has a new hobby firing off his cannon. It's fun! Who doesn't enjoy candy shooting into the air and loud noises.
 Mike had his 43rd birthday. It passed very quietly and with very little fanfare. All he wanted was a "big piece of meat" and we went a step further with his traditional ice cream cake. No balloons, presents or parties.
 (Luke was sick with strep throat-thus the fact he's wearing a pajama shirt, and his hair is a little crazy.)
 Of all the birthday traditions, Mike has asked not to be done on his birthday, Mike has never complained about the birthday hat tradition. Granted, he doesn't wear it all day long like I tend to on my birthday, but the fact he wears it for the 2 minutes or so of candle lighting, singing and candle blowing, makes me smile.
 For some reason, Mike was extra generous with the cake servings this year. Though each slice was very thin, he let the children have about 5 servings each. I'm quite certain Drew thought he had died and gone to heaven.

At the very last minute, I decided to get tickets to the Days of '47 Rodeo in Salt Lake City. It was so last minute that Megan already had plans for the evening.
We have had a globe in our family room for years. Years. For over a decade we've had the same globe that has served us well in our spontaneous country conversations, or geography discussions. A couple of weeks ago, Drew apparently thought globes were to sit on. Ugh. Of course, our broken globe happened to coincide with Megan's trip to Peru, and I can't tell you how many times I've gone to reach for the globe when a child has asked me a geographical question about Peru.  A new globe is on my back-to-school supplies shopping list.

In addition to Drew breaking the globe. He also broke our electric pencil sharpener recently by seeing what would happen if he sharpened "the metal and eraser end of it instead." Of course this is the same child that also caused a large circular crack on our windshield from a golf ball a few weeks ago.

Speaking of Drew. He still loves music. This is one of his favorite songs lately:

July was a little busier than these handful of photos show, but this is a decent recollection for now.


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