Thursday, August 6, 2015

Two Patients Not THREE

Joshua and Luke had their tonsils out on Tuesday morning. After 10+ bouts of strep throat since December, we're hopeful this procedure puts an end to it. In addition to the removal of tonsils (and adenoids), Joshua also had a procedure done on his tongue, which has set him back a little more than Luke. (He can't lift/move his tongue much and so it makes eating a little trickier for him, and more pain than his throat alone.)

Upon being given the hospital gowns to wear, the boys became a little too animated and excited. I think perhaps it was a combination of nerves and the fact Luke was given lavender colored pants and a star gown to wear.

Poor Luke. It didn't help that he didn't comb his hair that morning.

Joshua went to surgery first and thus was done first. By the time we saw him, we was fairly awake and alert.

I think he felt like he had to stay awake for us, but we assured him he could sleep. We certainly weren't relying on him for conversation.

Luke was wheeled into the recovery room while we were with Joshua. Typically they don't allow parents to come in there for a while, and though they kept the curtains around Luke so we couldn't see them wake him up initially, they called us over to him probably sooner than they would have had we not already been in the room.

They warn you before surgery that everyone wakes up from anesthesia differently. Yet it still came as a little bit of a surprise for Luke to:

a. tell the nurse to "Shut up!" when she asked him a question
b. kick me when I was rubbing his leg
c. tell Mike to "Stop! Go away." when Mike said, "Hi Luke."

The nurses assured me they have "seen and heard it all" and told me not to apologize for Luke's abruptness. I still did. I'm not exactly going to stand by and laugh with them when my son covered his face and told everyone to stop talking to him and LET HIM SLEEP.
Within a few minutes, Luke and Joshua were wheeled into the final recovery room. Luke was a completely different person! He was pleasant and saying all sorts of "Please" and "Thank yous" to the nurses questions of slushes, drinks, and pain.

Luke had/has absolutely no recollection of his earlier outbursts to those caring for him. So I'm quite confident it was the anesthesia talking and not him.

I've been extra-attentive to the boys since their surgery. I've been checking on them frequently, getting them popsicles, ice cream, drinks, etc. It's a fair amount of work, as I tend to stay downstairs and they are spending most of their day upstairs. Drew has sort of been laying low with them.

Here's an example of an exchange: "Hey boys! Are you guys doing okay?" To which DREW will respond, "Yeah. I'm fine." And then 30 minutes later or so, I hollered, "Hey boys! Do you want a popsicle or something?" To which DREW responded, "Yes. Get me an Otter Pop."

Note to Drew: You ARE NOT the patient.
Luke and Joshua are.


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