Monday, February 1, 2016


Saturday afternoon I came home from somewhere, and upon greeting Drew, I noticed that he had a fairly fresh cut below his eye and scrape above. Apparently, he had a run-in with a shovel while shoveling snow. Little did I know that when I said, "Oh owie! It looks like it could turn into a black eye tomorrow." that I was echoing what Megan and Mike had already said to him.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, I overheard Drew more than once speculating about whether or not he would have a black eye upon waking up on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning Mike and I were laying in bed when Drew came to us and lamented, "I don't have a black eye." JOKING, I asked him, "Want me to punch you and give you one?" I guess fearing my punch wouldn't be strong enough, Drew VERY SERIOUSLY asked, "Can Dad?"

As soon as Mike and I stopped laughing, Mike immediately replied, "I'd go to jail if I did."

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Let's recap.
Drew was disappointed he didn't have a black eye.
I JOKINGLY asked if he wanted me to give him one.
He SERIOUSLY asked if Mike could.
Mike told Drew he couldn't (and wouldn't).

Drew was disappointed.

I considered going into his room Sunday night while he was sleeping and using make-up to give him a black eye. But then I thought about HOW excited he'd be about a black eye when he first saw it, and then how disappointed he would be when he realized it was fake. We have enough teasing around here. I don't need to add to it.

I remember as a child being soooo disappointed I never ever got a bloody nose. Even after once laying in bed smacking my nose against my bedroom wall in an effort to cause one.

So it only seems fair Drew never gets a black eye.


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